-Through The Blurred Lines*

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Am I better off a quitter?

My most recent ex is a serial cheater. I left him yesterday. The twist? I am three months pregnant with his baby. I love the boy, I really do but I am starting to think I’d be better off being a single mom than to constantly feel broken and worthless. I had to face the facts last night while I laid alone in my bed. My best friend is hundreds of miles away, I am alone in this…and even though it hurts to admit I do love that boy. I don’t think I’ll go back to him though, but I never wanted my baby to come from a broken home like I did.

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rumneysays said: What is going on with you and Danny. He's been all weird o.o are you guys fighting again?

I guess you could call it that. :/ It’s pretty on and off right now.

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Isles & Glaciers | Cemetery Weather

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(by julie kwon.)


(by julie kwon.)

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And I wonder how it started, how we became so cold hearted.

  You said it was me, only me. That was a lie straight to my face. You also said I wouldn’t be okay without you. You were right that time. I am not okay. I am amazing, free, loved, happy, careless and downright blissful. All you are and will ever be is a cheater, liar, heart-breaker and cheap thrill. I gave you my all, but it wasn’t enough, but it’s okay, I’m alright.

 And HE doesn’t think I love him, that’s okay with me. I know how I feel, and I know love. Let him think, let him walk away and let him heal. Someday he’ll realize that I do love him. Him as a whole, but for now, I’ll let go hoping for the moment he realizes.

 Then there is the boy who stole my heart in the blink of an eye. It was unexpected but so right. He makes me feel whole, and worth something. Nobody will understand, and that’s alright by me, because we both know this is real.

 I understand people will walk in and out of my life, but what I can’t understand is why it’s gotta be in such a destructive way.

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I am in love with three people. And yes, love. Not like, lust or anything else. LOVE.

Danny Otto, Ricky Phillips and a person who will not be named yet, because SHE doesn’t know.

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The Only Exception.

             Sometimes now, I don’t think I believe in love. The fact that two people could be together forever and be happy and faithful seems unreal. Then I see you. You are everything I am not. You are kind and forgiving. You are composed and beautiful. Most of all you are sensible. I know I can’t have you and that’s fine, I just want you to know I love absolutely everything about you. I love your flaws and masterpieces. Kayy? (: Just had to put it out there.

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The person I reblogged this from should know that they’re beautiful.
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